Battery Percussion Audition Materials

Thank you for your interest in the percussion section of the West Chester University Golden Rams Marching Band! We have many talented and dedicated members who have established a program defined by a commitment to excellence. Please see below for important instructions regarding the audition process. 

ALL BATTERY: (Snare, Tenor, Bass, and Cymbals)

  • E-mail Darren Hazlett ( with your contact information (address, phone #, e-mail). In addition, please give a brief explanation of your marching percussion experience. 
  • Submit a video –DVD or private link on YouTube (or similar) — playing the exercises listed below by June 1, 2019. Contact Darren via e-mail if you require a shipping address for the DVD.
  • Exercises should be memorized and performed to an audible metronome.

 Snare/Tenor/Bass Drum

  • Legato Exercise of Your Choice (8 on a hand, 8-8-16, etc) @ 100, 148, 192 bpm
  • WCU Accent Tap @ 120, 164 bpm 
  • Paradiddles (The exercise) @144, 160
  • Touch @144, 160 bpm 
  • Play the following rudiments: Flam Accent, Flam-Tap, Swiss Triplet, Flam Drags, Inverted Flam-Tap
  • Brief solo or music excerpt of your choice (optional)

*Tenors: If there is no “around” part notated, play snare part on 1 drum.

**Bass Drums: Play the notated bass parts for Accent Tap (It is a unison bass part), Paradiddles and Touch. Please announce the drum part you are playing. Please also demonstrate a basic roll exercise (snare part) of your choice.


  • Demonstrate Standard Crash, Crash Choke, Orchestral Crash, Slide Choke, and other techniques as desired.
  • Clap the WCU Cymbal Rhythm Sheet @  92, 120 bpm

It is extremely important to prepare and demonstrate these exercises to the best of your ability as the video will be used in conjunction with your live audition to appropriately place you in the ensemble. Your preparation will go a long way towards our progress at the mini-camps and beyond! 

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